Monday, April 19, 2010

Elder Payne's Last Email!! He will be home FRIDAY!

Its me again Elder Payne!

Life is good as it can be! Its weird that its my last email. Sometimes I don't know what to think. Ive got that scared feeling I had when it was close for me to go on my mission. It was a sweet Weekend. The Harber missionaries had a baptism, and we were able to get Brian and Leeann there! The members did really well helping with there kids since they have two 14 month twin girls and a month old baby. They have there hands full! I kept telling her when she gets baptized! Then they came to sacrament! They can't wait till they are 18 months then they can take them to nursrey! Even though they are not reading and praying, I think they know they will be baptized! Tonight we are going to have dinner with them! Well this week is going to fly by so fast! Tomorrow is pretty much my last day. Prepreation today, then on Wednesday we have meetings in the morning and in the evening. See ya'll on Friday! Thanks for everything ya'll do!

Love Elder Payne!

Woddrow its been quite a party!


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed the blog. Hope you will post some of his homecoming pictures. May Heavenly Father continue to bless "Elder Payne"